Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Race is On!

Rob started at precisely 12:12 PM local time. It will be a leisurely "parade" start for the first 23 miles or so and then he will meet up with day crew in the pace van.

Night crew is now sitting next to the ocean eating Mexican before we head up the road 100 miles to meet Rob for night shift.

Rob was feeling great, but hungry and antsy. While we were standing there waiting to start, he consumed 1,000 calories in about 30 minutes and then said "I'm still hungry."

This is because he has been tapering for the past 10 days, but his body is in perfect condition for long-distance cycling and he's a calorie burning machine. He will consume about 10,000-13,000 calories a day for the next three days, mostly in liquid form via Spiz. Each crew member will consume about the same number of calories, but in the form of Big Macs and Cheetos.

Rob also said that he did an easy 50 mile ride yesterday and he felt like Superman. He said he was humming along at 26 mph and " was effortless."

He's ready. This will be fun.

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Kate said...

Yummmmm, Mexican food? Glad that I won't be in the pace van with the night crew!