Wednesday, June 13, 2012

***REPORT FROM THE ROAD - 6/13/12 - 11:15 PM EDT***

We just went through Time Station 2 in Brawley, CA. Rob (and all the racers) have been enjoying a huge tailwind. Rob said in 2010 he came through here after dark and today we came through about 90 minutes before sunset. He feels great and is ready for a fast night on the bike.

Night crew is:

- Mike D. - driver
- Joe M. - chef/mechanic (in the back of the van)
- Bill B. - Navigator/blogger

It's almost pitch black now and we are heading into some serious desert, so it will be dark.

Nighttime is very different from the day and I know Rob really enjoys the "atmosphere." The music, the miles. He loves every bit of it.

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