Thursday, June 14, 2012

Worth mentioning before I pass out for the day...

1.) At TS 5, Rob was about 20 minutes behind his RAAM 2010 time. 2012 RAW travels the exact same route as 2010 RAAM. I mention this not as a critical fact, but more as a data point. Would he rather be ahead? Sure. But 20 minutes in a race of 860 miles is in the noise. It's an extended clothing change break. No biggie.

2.) I can't over-emphasize how hard today is going up Yarnell grade into Prescott, AZ. Rob has done this many times and he's a mountain goat, but he does not take this climb lightly. And his reward for doing it successfully? Tonight, he gets to ride from Sedona to Flagstaff: 40 miles of some the steepest roads and harrowing switchbacks I have ever seen anywhere.

3.) When will he sleep? Who knows. At this point, I won't say anything about it here, as every single other RAW racer has a crew with Internet in their support vehicles and I'm not anxious to tip any of them off.

This likely be my last post until after I wake up. Don't forget you can track him in real time at Cell service is pretty good here, so it should be a good connection all day. Also don't forget that the GPS transmitter is on the roof of the pace van, which must leap frog all day today. That means short bursts of 50 mph, followed by zero mph.

All the while, Rob is pedaling.

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