Saturday, June 2, 2012

"So Let Me See If I Have This Straight...

…You’re going to pack all this stuff up, have a couple of buddies drive it out to California so you can turn around and ride it back east to Colorado?”

Yes, these are photos of the pace van, which has been outfitted with all the accoutrement, inside and out, for Rob to do Race Across the West.

As you can see, the inside has bins and shelving for all of Rob’s clothing, equipment, accessories and food. It also is wired for sound. This includes the PA system that we will use to communicate directions and instructions to Rob from the van, which follows about 10 yard behind him, as well as the iPod based entertainment system, which will blast the rockin’est tunes either side of the Rockies. This helps Rob keep his mind off the fact that he just rode 40 miles uphill into Flagstaff.

The van departs Sunday morning, June 3, for the trip west, driven by crew members Wave Smith and Tom Wendel.

The rest of the crew, including Rob, flies out a few days before the race, which starts on June 13.

It’s starting to get real.

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