Thursday, June 12, 2008

An aside - RAAM Team event

Just FYI - the team version of RAAM started yesterday. Teams can be two, four or eight persons and man, do they fly. They can ride together in a peloton (the same team, that is) or switch off individually. They can ride two at a time for 20 minutes or for four hours. Any combination and anything goes. They never stop for sleep. Any sleeping is done in a motor home during someone else's turn at riding. It's just crazy.

I remember one quiet morning in Arkansas in RAAM 1996 when the first teams came barreling past Rob. What a scene. I also remember how several of their crew members waited for Rob up the road so that could genuflect in homage to Rob - a solo rider.

That is the type of sportsmanship and brotherhood that is RAAM.

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