Monday, June 9, 2008

*Report from the road - 6-9-2008, 4:30 PM EDT*

I just hung up with the pace van that is following Rob. They just went through Time Station 6 in Prescott, AZ. We have our first minor problem of the race:

Both the stereo system that plays music for Rob and the PA system that the crew uses to direct him have blown out.

It would be difficult to do a 3,000 mile race without the music (especially for Rob), but almost impossible to do it without the PA system.

They are confident that they can fix it and are looking for a good time to pull over that keeps Rob safe.

Nice photo of Rob smiling his way up a hill on the official RAAM photo blog.

Also - the GPS Tracker seems to be working now at Click on "TRACK ATHLETE" and then enter "teammorlock" for both 'username' and 'password'.

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Rob Desilet said...

Here is a post that was on the RAAM website....

16:00 EST - Jerome, Arizona. Posted by David Houghton.

Music can soothe, amuse or motivate a rider. In RAAM, every rider will, at one time or another, need all three.

This morning, Eris Zama was listening to Italian pop, while Beny Furrer was singing along to Swiss folk songs as he rode. Scott McIntosh grooved to Springsteen’s ‘Badlands’ as he crossed Arizona’s own badlands, while Daniel Rudge listened to Peter Gabriel. But the award for best music selection goes to Rob Morlock, who was heard blasting Beastie Boys and Beck as he approached Prescott. Rock on, Rob.

Better get those tunes fixed, we want Rob to stay in first place for best music selection!!!

Keep up the good work with your blog, your details are very informative..

Rob Desilet