Tuesday, June 10, 2008

*Report from the road - 6-10-2008, 4:10 PM EDT*

Just got off the phone with the pace van. Rob passed through Time Station #11 in Mexican Hat, Utah at 4:00 PM EDT. With Gerhard out, Rob is back in 5th place, about 90 minutes behind David Haase, who Rob has spoken of as a great cyclist and a worthy competitor.

I didn't get much of a chance to talk to Tom Wendel in the pace van, but based on Rob's average speed between Time Stations 10 & 11, he must have taken a break. There is not that much climbing in this section and there is a considerable amount of downhills, so he must have stepped off the bike. If I found out why, I'll post an update.

Some math: Rob has completed 680 miles in just about 48 hours. That's 340 miles per day, which is simply a fantastic start. He is pacing himself and dosing his efforts through the climbing and through the heat and I am awe-struck at how well this is going so far. It's a long race, to be sure, but I have crewed for every one of Rob's races (except this one) and I can say this is a truly auspicious start.

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