Friday, June 6, 2008

Some preparation photos

Rob called me today from his bike. He was out stretching his legs while the team set up the vans for the race. Says he feels good, but is anxious to get on the road and start the race.

Crew member Tom Wendel sent over these photos:

Team Morlock

Rob & Kate on the plane

Team Captain Mike Perron, Tom Wendel and Rob

Setting up the vans

Rob talk to reigning champ and pre-race favorite Jure Robic


Tom said...

Hey Bill

I hope prep is going fine these last few hours before the start. There seems to be a tracking glitch, as I just logged in to track Rob, testing out that myathlete GPS site, and it tells me he's in Memphis, TN, and heading West at .86 miles per minute.

I'm looking forward to seeing him here sometime Tuesday in Durango!


Bill Baker said...


I think they'll have the GPS worked out by race start. They are aware.

- Bill