Monday, June 9, 2008

*Report from the road - 6-9-2008, 8:00 PM EDT*

A great first 24 hours for Rob. He rode just about 400 miles in the first 24 hours, which puts him in the top five and gives him a nice 100 mile cushion as he targets 300+ miles/day average for the entire race.

He is feeling strong, motivated and is right on schedule.

In case anyone is wondering, average speeds came way down today as they are doing some serious climbs. The climb out of Prescott, AZ, includes a brutal 12 mile climb. As I write this, Rob is on a 40 mile (yes "four-zero" mile) climb out of Cottonwood, AZ, to Sedona on his way to Flagstaff. So, if you are wondering why he is going 8-10 mph, well, now you know.

If you would like to see the route for yourself, turn-by-turn, you can click here and select "ZIP file of Directions" to print out the same route book that all racer crews are using in their pace vans.


Thoughts on the leaders:

It will be interesting to see what happens with Robic and Gulewicz. They will either motivate each other to keep hammering away at the front of the race on their way to a record crossing, or they will beat each other into quivering heaps of flesh.

In case either of their teams are reading this: Don't look over your shoulders. Rob Morlock is on your ass!

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