Monday, June 9, 2008

Expected arrival times for Rob

I know that some friends along the RAAM route are thinking of coming out and seeing Rob. For those of you that are, here is a great link with Rob's predicted arrivals time at each time station.

Keep in mind that this is based on each rider's average speed as they pass through each time station. So as average speeds go up (after a long downhill) or drop (after lots of climbing or a sleep break), these predictions will be constantly changing to reflect the reality at that moment in time.

As the race progresses, these predictions become more reliable, as each rider's average speed is calculated over a longer distance and therefore individual fluctuations up or down have less of an effect on overall average speed.

Also keep in mind that for every rider, average speed will steadily drop during the course of the race, as RAAM takes its toll. Right now, race leader Jure Robic is hammering away at around 18.2 mph average speed. (He has not slept yet.) The winner will probably come in somewhere around 14.4 mph.

Here are all the stats for last year's race, if you're curious:

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