Friday, June 13, 2008

A battle well fought

I just hung up the phone with Rob. After 1320 miles, it is time. He has decided to end this year's RAAM.

In the end, saddle sores are a bad scene. Immensely painful, the rider adjusts his position in the saddle to try to compensate and get more comfortable. That leads to lower efficiency and worse, possible bio-mechanical problems in the knees and hips.

It was a tough decision, no doubt, but it was made with his wife and day crew members Mike Perron and Vin Daniello.

In the end, Rob knows himself better than anyone. He made the right decision.


RoubaixRider said...

Too bad about the saddle sores! Perhaps Rob could try doing what Janet does: wear a second pair of shorts inside out on the outside?

Deirdre said...

Great job Rob! As your friend Bill has said, just going to the RAAM starting line is an act of courage. You rode strong and put up a great fight. I wish peace and health.

Deirdre from RAAM registration