Friday, June 13, 2008

*Report from the road - 6-13-2008, 10:45 AM EDT*

I can't get through to the pace van this morning, but I just spoke with Tom Wendel in the shuttle van. Rob has a new problem, the extent of which I am unclear.

He has developed a pretty bad saddle sore on his butt.

Saddle sores are a fact of life in RAAM, but they can be quite serious. The pain is spectacular and if they get infected, they can be dangerous. (Some day, ask Rob about former RAAM winner Paul Solon's saddle sores when Rob crewed for Paul in 1995. Just don't ask while eating.)

Anyway, treating the saddle sore caused another much longer break overnight and therefore less mileage than he needs to do during the overnight period.

Rob has to spend more time in the saddle riding during the overnights if he wants to keep the momentum going from strong days.

Remember - in RAAM, the numbers don't lie. 200 miles during the day and 100 miles at night equals a 10 day crossing.

Right now, I am guesstimating that Rob will roll into Plains, Kansas at about 3:00 PM today, exactly five days into the race. That means he will have completed 1386 miles in five days or 277 miles per day. Extend that out and it equates to an approximate 11 day crossing, meaning Rob would arrive in Annapolis in the early afternoon on Thursday, June 19. In my mind, an awesome crossing, but I know Rob wants to do better. And he still can.

Stay tuned.

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