Monday, June 9, 2008

*Reports and Photos from the road - 6-9-2008*

Spoke to John Browne last night around 8:00 PM. All was well and they were preparing to transition from day crew to night crew.

They are aware of the fact that the GPS tracker is not working and are trying to fix it.

Checking the stats this morning, Rob is fifth place at Time Station 4, 284 miles into the race. I hope to hear from Rob or John later this morning, after day crew comes back on shift to hear about how far Rob plans to ride before his first sleep break. (I expect Rob will try to sleep some time tonight, Monday night/Tuesday morning between 2-4 am.)

Tom Wendel sent these great photos from the start and Rob's first day in the California desert (You can click on all photos and blow them up to full size.)

Team about one hour before race

Rob on Route 78 in Calif.

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