Sunday, June 8, 2008

"But it's a DRY heat..."

I just got off the phone with Rob and Kate. Everyone is all set and ready to go with less than two hours until the start of the race.

It's pushing 95 degrees here in Connecticut and I told Rob that I thought of him the entire way during my piddling little 40 mile ride yesterday.

I reminded him of what a great race he had in 1996 (his first RAAM) and how it was overcast the entire morning of the second day when we were traveling through the Arizona desert. What could have been 100 degree plus direct sun ended up being a relatively comfortable 90 degrees under cloudy skies right into Flagstaff.

This year's race covers some of those same roads, including going right through Flagstaff.

Rob and I talked about what a relatively cool spring it has been in Connecticut this year (two weeks ago it was 60 degrees and raining) and how his body may not be 100% ready for the desert heat.

He said that he would take it nice and easy through the California and Arizona desert today and tomorrow so that he comes through fresh and ready to pick up the pace in Utah and Colorado and on into New Mexico.

He sounded upbeat and ready to go.

He has been planning and training for this for more than a year and now it's time to ride.

We wish him and the crew well.

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