Friday, June 11, 2010

Cops and Robert

If we count Rob (and I suppose we should since, you know, he is the one on the bike), Team Morlock includes a total of six Danbury police officers this year.

Veteran crew members John Browne, Javier Lowe and Tom Wendel are joined this year by Bob Conrad and Luis Ramos. By all accounts these guys (like Rob) are a serious, humorless bunch who stick to business and only talk when absolutely necessary.

BTW - there has been a crew change today. Pace van day crew is now Bob Conrad and Luis Ramos up front and crew chief Mike Perron remaining in the back. John Browne and Tom Wendel are now in charge of the shuttle van.

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Kate said...

Those cops are NOT funny. Unless you think having-to-wear-Depends-while-in-their-presence-because-you-tinkle-from-laughing-so-hard funny! Next time you see Bobby C. and Luis R., ask them about a certain Extreme Home Makeovers episode.