Wednesday, June 16, 2010

*REPORT FROM THE ROAD: 6-16-2010 3:30 PM EDT*

You an' me, we sweat an' strain
Body all achin' an' wracked wid pain,
Tote dat barge! Lif' dat bale!
Git a little drunk an' you lands in jail.
-Oscar Hammerstein

Ol' man Rob just crossed Ol' Man River at almost precisely seven days into RAAM 2010. His average daily mileage is now 292, which is really strong. Extrapolate that out to the length of the race (see, I TOLD you there would be math), and we're looking at a 10 day, eight hour RAAM. This could go either way because, of course, he is getting more tired and there are some really tough hills ahead of him in West Virginia and Maryland (yes, Maryland. Go figure.)

In RAAM '96 and '00, Rob left a little something extra in the tank for the final 24 hours, so who knows what will happen. Every race is a totally different experience.

Today was a big day to be sure. So far he has:
  • reached the 2,000 mile mark, 
  • crossed the Mississippi,
  • crossed another state border,
  • surpassed his fundraising goal for the Lance Armstrong Foundation
Compare that to, say, me: I finally took down the storm door and installed the screens for the summer. But I feel really good about it.

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