Saturday, June 12, 2010

*REPORT FROM THE ROAD: 6-12-2010 9:10 AM EDT*

Spoke with shuttle crew guys Tom Wendel and John Browne this morning. I have not had the chance to speak with the pace van. As you can see from My Athlete, Rob is back on the bike after his sleep break and moving toward Pagosa Springs.

Rob will probably get to Pagosa Springs about 3-4 hours after Mark Pattinson. Unless Matthew Warner-Smith passed Rob in the night while Rob was sleeping, that will keep Rob in fourth place overall in his division. Warner-Smith has been shadowing Rob for the past 24 hours. Rob checked into the Durango time station at 24 past midnight. Warner-Smith went through six minutes later. As of this writing, Warner-Smith has not gone through Pagosa Springs.

They are getting ready to transition from night to day crew. After that, I should be speaking with the pace van and will have an update as to how Rob is feeling and how good his sleep break was last night.

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