Friday, June 11, 2010

Thoughts on Jure Robic

Last year, RAAM ended with some controversy. Jure Robic dropped out in protest with 54 miles to go. It had to do with race penalties and what Jure contended was an unfair and uneven application of the rules by race officials. Read about it here.

At the time, he said he would never do RAAM again. But here he is and he is going for broke - trying to finish in under eight days. This has never been done before and I'm sure Jure is motivated by glory with a touch of vengeance. I suspect if he does break eight days, he will retire from RAAM and let that record stand for as long as possible.

The questions I have are: Can he do it, or will he burn out trying? And if he gets the sense that eight days will not be possible, will he continue on or drop out before the finish?

I care, but just a little. I thought Jure had some legitimate grievances last year, but quitting was NOT the way to handle it. He should have continued to the finish, in second place, and aired his grievances there.

I know Rob is a Jure fan. Since I have never met Jure, I'll stick to being a Rob fan.

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Tom said...

Sure is great getting your comments Bill. I'm sure there are plenty of Rob news junkies who keep coming back to see how things are going with him and the crew, and it's great to get your updates. For ten days or so we hang on your every word. The other 355 days? Well, not so much; but we love ya. Thanks!