Thursday, June 17, 2010

*REPORT FROM THE ROAD: 6-17-2010 9:30 AM EDT*

Welcome to Eastern Daylight Time, Rob. Now your watch and your location are back in sync, so you no longer have to try to figure out how to re-set it. We all know how that was driving you nuts for the past 2,200 miles.

So, Rob is sticking to his schedule of sleep every night at about the same time, which seems to be working for him. The crew has done a great job of adjusting both the duration and the time of his sleep breaks to maximum advantage.

At this pace, I am sticking to a finish prediction of some time between midnight and 8:00 AM Sunday morning, which would be great because I am planning on having brunch in Annapolis on Sunday around 11:00 AM and it would be so irritating if he interrupted that.

According to the day crew (which, by the way, now includes Javier Lowe, who has moved into the pace van from the motor home, obviously wanting to experience some of the glamor of mixing Spiz and helping Rob go to the bathroom), he gets a bit sleepy again around 7:00 AM every day, but a breakfast that includes some Coca-Cola chases the cobwebs away.

Rob just asked me to crunch some 24-hour split numbers for him and he sounded fully engaged and anxious to crank out some miles (and to get out of Indiana where, unless you are dribbling a basketball while you ride, they don't really care all that much about bicycle racing.)

The staff and management of this blog disavow any hostility toward the good citizens of Indiana from the author of this blog post. We are well aware that the greatest bicycling movie EVER - "Breaking Away" - takes place in Indiana. The author of this blog is both misinformed and a geographical snob who thinks that civilization ends at the western bank of the Hudson River.

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Sharon said...

thank you for the morning update. I was worried when I didn't see anything about an hour ago but then went to my athlete and saw him going at 16 to 17 mph.