Friday, June 18, 2010

Some Nice Emails to Share

A couple of emails that came in this morning.
  • From Julie, who drove from Denver to Trinidad to see Rob last weekend:
    "ROB IS A ROCKSTAR!  I am so happy that he is in the position to fulfill so many of his goals this RAAM.  Give him a big hug for me in Annapolis!

    (Note to Julie: Remember how he smelled in Trinidad? Well multiply that by about a bazillion, so there will be very little hugging in Annapolis. Sorry.)
  • From my mother-in-law, Jane:
    Rob is our focus this week, and these last two days particularly.  May the muses and the Lord and his mom in the heavens and Kate's love and the devotion of his many friends and admirers give him the physical and mental strength to finish this superhuman event for which he has so arduously trained and carefully prepared.  He deserves a grand finale. May he reap it!


Bill's wife said...

What else Jane said: “The mantra of the day will be FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS.” She’s a musician and was inspired by a European conductor who used those words. “Only his pronunciation of the word replaced the O with a U.”

Tracy Poulter Hart said...

Rob, not only are you riding for your mom, but for my brother who has been living with cancer for 13 years. He gets up every day with a smile ready to attack the day like you are attacking this race. Keep pedalling bro for all those affected by cancer.