Sunday, June 13, 2010

*REPORT FROM THE ROAD: 6-13-2010 11:00 AM EDT*

Rob went through TS 20 in Trinidad at 10:20 EDT. The guys said that the visit with Julie and her husband was a nice boost before continuing east toward Kim, CO.

Luis Ramos reports that Rob is feeling fine. He kept the phone line open for a few minutes so I could hear the conversation back and forth over the PA. Lots of laughs and high spirits.

There was a warning earlier about possible hail storms in the vicinity, but a check of radar and forecast shows, at least for now, clear sailing into Kansas, about 150 miles up the road. That is not to say that storms can pop up out of nowhere, but it looks good right now.

Yesterday was tough due to the wind, but overall, Rob's been blessed with some pretty nice weather so far this year.

Not to beat a dead horse, but this bunch of guys at positions 3-10 is really pretty exciting and to have Rob right there in the mix is just great.

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