Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just a Reminder: The Two Most Important RAAM Web Site Pages

  • To find out where Rob is relative to the competition, as well as the last time station he went through, click here.
  • To see Rob-specific stats, including ETA at upcoming time stations, click here.
Note that these estimates are based on the rider's average speed as of the last time station. It does not take into account if the rider decides to stop. Each time a rider checks into a time station, all estimated arrival times for future time stations are updated based on the performance to the current time station.

To illustrate my point, the current estimate for Rob to finish in Annapolis is Wednesday, June 16 at 12:30 PM. While I count myself as one of Rob's biggest fans, that would mean a 7-day crossing. Not likely. Keep in mind that no one has ever broken eight days.

This estimate, of course, is based on Rob's current average speed of 18+ miles per hour. The fastest RAAM ever was an average speed of 15.4, by Pete Penseyres in 1984.

Got it? (This will be on the final exam.)

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