Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not Trying to Be a Pest...

...but just a quick reminder: Rob is riding with a heightened sense of purpose in this year's RAAM for a variety of reasons, including the fact that he is raising money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation in memory of his mom, who died last fall after a four-year battle with cancer.

At this point, his stated goal is $2,000 and he is only $780 away from that.

This blog is getting in excess of 1,000 unique visitors a day. If every one of us contributed a dollar, we'd get Rob across that finish line. (For the whole "biking to Annapolis" thing, well, he's on his own with that one.)

Any new visitors here, or long-time friends who are so inclined, click here and you can make a donation by credit card.

(How cool would it be to be able to call Rob before he finishes the race and let him know that we reached his fund raising goal?)

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