Thursday, June 17, 2010

*REPORT FROM THE ROAD: 6-17-2010 10:00 PM EDT*

Whoops. I read the data wrong. A couple of posts ago, I said that Robic would finish tonight. It looks like he will finish tomorrow (Friday) afternoon some time. Sorry about that.

It is worth mentioning only to point out how truly hard this year's race has been. Robic was looking to break eight days. He is going to miss that by almost 20 hours. That kind of says it all.

Back to Rob: He took a break in Greensburg at TS 40. The crew thought it would be a good idea to recharge his batteries for the night ahead and Rob agreed. It appears Szonyi had the same idea, so he really didn't pick up that much time on Rob.

As previously mentioned, the sleep breaks from here to the finish become a bit of "trial and error" scenario. One long break before the final push? Or dose it out with mini-naps over the next 36 hours.

It will largely depend on how Rob feels and the crew's analysis of his physical and mental performance. These last few hundred miles are about staying on the bike and moving, but not at the expense of safety or not finishing at all. Rob told the crew that he just wants to finish. That's the most important thing to him right now.

I just hung up the phone with night crew mechanic Joe Murphy who says the break at TS 40 did Rob a world of good. There is some tough terrain right now with steep uphills and screaming downhills and Rob is on top of his game.

Mike Perron will rejoin day crew tomorrow for the push into the weekend finish.

It will be exciting to watch.

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