Friday, June 11, 2010

*REPORT FROM THE ROAD: 6-11-2010 5:30 PM EDT*

Had a nice chat with Rob while he was riding. He sounds great and is really thrilled at how things are going. He said that he has never slept so well on the first sleep break of RAAM in any of his previous four races.

I told him about being in the Durango Herald and, being the shy, retiring type, Rob was really unhappy about that (not.) Hopefully, it will be in the print edition and the shuttle crew will be able to pick up a copy to show him when they pass through Durango later this evening.

Speaking of the shuttle crew, take a look at the glamor of RAAM crewing. This photo, courtesy of John Browne, shows them hosing down the shuttle van while the night crew sleeps in Cortez, CO. According to John's message: "Cleaning the shuttle in Cortez. Better than fixing it!"

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