Thursday, June 17, 2010

One last thing...

I have collected a lot of the comments to this blog and to the Facebook fan page and sent them to the night crew to read to Rob over the PA. Your words of support will definitely be appreciated and help him though the night. I'll send more tomorrow.

Please note, however, that at this time, Rob is not accepting the following:

- Marriage proposals (actually, he's set on this one for life)
- Invitations to the White House or Buckingham Palace (the whole "U.S. versus BP" thing is a bit dodgy)
- Product endorsement offers (Naked Nuggets excepted)
- Bras thrown at him (they get caught in the spokes)
- Invitations to go for a bike ride when he gets back to Danbury (But we are planning a big "bike burning bonfire" next week in the back yard, after which he takes up lawn bowling.)


Paul Shirkey said...

Keep moving Rob! As a mountaineer I recall some climbing advice while climbing in Boliva..."poco a poco se va lejos" -> Little by little will take you far.

Just keep spin'in.

Kate said...

Bill - There are also a lot of GREAT postings in Rob's guestbook at You might give them those to read as well.

Rob Stowell said...

Please don't burn the bike! Raffle it off to raise money for the foundation. Heck, I'd be damn proud to ride Rob's bike around western CT (but I'd never be worthy of the honor).