Sunday, June 20, 2010

*REPORT FROM THE ROAD: 6-20-2010 9:00 AM EDT*

Just hung up the phone with "Deputy Crew Chief" Luis Ramos and he says Rob is riding like a man who is motivated to finish a 3,005 bike race. Everyone is in good spirits as they move toward Mt. Airy, MD.

Luis says that Rob appears ready to do whatever it takes to ride straight in without a break today, so they made up a "special breakfast cocktail" of Coca-Cola, No-Doz, chocolate-covered espresso beans, Red Bull, Mountain Dew, automatic transmission fluid and kitty litter. Hey - whatever works.

A word about day crew: Remember a couple of days ago when I had all those nice things to say about night crew? Well, it was total crap to keep them motivated. The REAL heroes are DAY CREW - Mike Perron, Bob Conrad and Luis, who have to put up with traffic and heat. Just ask night crew. They'll be the first to admit that every night on shift is like a walk on a Caribbean beach and that day crew is where the action is.

So day crew, day crew they're our men. If they can't do it, nobody can!

(Happy Mike?)

I'm about to head out onto the course with Kate and Michelle and I'll post some quick updates via the BlackBerry.

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j-gast said...

How about another plug for "LiveSTRONG". Wouldn't it be great to bring Rob home with over $3k in Fundraising. He's real close. Go TEAM Morlock - You're the best.