Thursday, June 10, 2010

*REPORT FROM THE ROAD: 6-10-2010 9:50 PM EDT*

Just hung up the phone with the pace van. We had time for a quick update before they went out of cell phone coverage range again. Day crew navigator Tom Wendel said: "He's going like a machine. All is good."

Rob's feeling good in third place, about one hour, 15 minutes behind second and 30 minutes ahead of fourth. You can't ask for much better than that.

We discussed sleep again and it is still an open question. Rob is tired and he is, as we speak, going up some horrifically brutal climbs between Sedona and Flagstaff. (Side note: My wife and I vacationed last fall in the southwest and we drove this exact route. I said to her "My God. I could not imagine riding a bike up this." It was only after I told Rob where we were that he told me "Yeah - THAT'S the RAAM course.")

Anyway, this climb may tire him to the point where he does decide to sleep. So, if you log on on tomorrow morning and notice a dramatic slowdown in his time between time stations, you'll know why.

A good first 30 hours, to be sure. We'll see you back here on Friday. Until then, here are some great Rob shots from the RAAM web site.

 Rob gets ready to saddle up at the start.

Rob and Jure Robic looking relaxed before the start.

Rob's and (I assume) Kate's foot at the start.

Rob's quadriceps (they're rented.)

Rob and crew chief Mike Perron during a leap frog bottle exchange.


Kate said...

For the record, that is not my foot.

kmckay said...

lol, it's not a bad foot. hope you're having fun Kate, we'll be following Rob's progress.
Kristin McKay

Kate said...

It is not a bad foot but why is it so close to my husband's foot??? Just kidding. I'd want to be close to those quads too. Hope you guys are great!!! Thanks for supporting Rob - it means soooo much to him (and me!).