Saturday, June 12, 2010

*REPORT FROM THE ROAD: 6-12-2010 12:15 PM EDT*

As I type this, Rob is starting the seven mile climb up Wolf Creek Pass. This this is the Continental Divide and the highest point in this year's RAAM.

In '96 and '97, we made a point of stopping Rob at the top so he could take a nature break facing both west and east, so it would flow downhill to the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

On RAAM, it's the little things (no offense, Rob) that keep you motivated.

Here's a nice photo from the RAAM web site of Rob in Cortez, CO, yesterday:


Darrin said...

Bill.... The posts are riveting and informative and motivating!!! I'm embarrassed to ever complain about being tired after a 30 mile ride ever again! :) Your insight (having been there yourself) makes your comments so valuable. Do you have any info on % of some of the grades Rob is climbing? Or maybe some comparisons (if there are any) to terrain that some of us Danburians could use as a reference?

Thanks!! :)

Bill Baker said...

Not sure how to compare to local roads, but Wolf Creek Pass is a 7% grade. I think that is roughly the same as the hill up 133 from the Bridgewater Bridge to the center of Brookfield.