Sunday, June 13, 2010

*REPORT FROM THE ROAD: 6-13-2010 9:25 AM EDT*

Rob is back on the bike and heading toward Trinidad. He should be there by 10:00-10:30 AM EDT.

John Browne tells me that Rob is sleeping better on this RAAM than on any previous race. He got some quality sleep last night and is riding with renewed vigor. He is definitely looking forward to the visit in Trinidad with our high-school friend, Julie and her husband. We'll have photos of that shortly after his stop at the time station. Cool stuff.

There was a shift in last night's night crew, with Javier Lowe stepping into the pace van and Jeff Sturges jumping into the motor home.

Just hung up with Javier and he told a great story of tactical crew thinking:

Yesterday was a BRUTAL day, as previously discussed: Headwinds, dust storms, and lots of climbs. Last night, Rob kept asking the crew "How far to Cuchara Pass?"

They answered by saying it was still a couple of time stations ahead. Rob, being just a wee bit fatigued, didn't realize that he was actually climbing Cuchara Pass at that moment.

The crew wanted to get him up and over Cuchara before he went to sleep so he did not have to wake up and start climbing all over again. It was a brilliant tactical decision and one that will pay dividends today and throughout the remainder of the race.

This is why a Rob calls it "Team Morlock". The crew becomes Rob's eyes, ears and brains and makes sure that every possible advantage is pursued to get him to Annapolis.

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