Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Quick Show of Hands...

How many people reading this blog have ridden a bicycle 500 miles in 30 hours (or 30 days, for that matter?)

C'mon. Don't be shy.

Thought so.

My point? Rob is awesome. He's just riding along, doing his thing and having a great start. There's an entire continent between him and the finish line, but just doing what he's done so far is simply great.

I'll be talking to the pace van just before the transition from day to night crew and I'll have a report later this evening on how he's feeling and any other interesting events of the day.

A couple of people have emailed me, asking if Rob will sleep tonight. It's a good question. Yesterday, when I spoke with Rob before the start, I asked him the same thing. In 2008 he tried to sleep in Flagstaff and he said that he ended up staring at the ceiling of the motor home for two hours. Wasted time.

So, this year, he's going to listen to his body. If he thinks he can sleep at about 2:00 AM local time tonight, he'll try. If not, he'll keep riding. Then, he might take a catnap some time during the day tomorrow and then get on his regular sleep cycle of trying to sleep from about 2-4 AM every day.

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