Friday, June 11, 2010

Some Reminders

Just some random things in case you are one of the many thousands of new Morlock-heads who join us each day:
  • When Rob is in cell phone range, you can track him in real time, via satellite, from Team Morlock Sponsor My Athlete. You can zoom in and out on the map, which has a handy pink line that highlights the RAAM route all the way to Annapolis.
  • The leaderboard is here.
  • Rob-specific stats are here.
  • Rob is raising money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation this year, in memory of his mom, who lost her battle with cancer last fall. You can make a direct donation here, or buy some Team Morlock merchandise and all profits will be donated as well.
  • If all this cycling is making you hungry, go out and get some lean, tasty protein from Rob's title sponsor, Naked Nuggets.
I think that covers the most important stuff.

Oh yeah - Rob is going great.

1 comment:

Austin said...

Go Rob Go. Naked Nuggets Salutes You And Your Crew!