Thursday, June 17, 2010

*REPORT FROM THE ROAD: 6-17-2010 1:45 PM EDT*

Rob reached the Bloomington, IN, time station at 1:40 PM EDT. It was a long stretch (67 miles) into Bloomington, with some pretty nasty little climbs and a general uphill profile. The next time station - Greensburg, IN, is also a bit of a slog at 63 miles, with some short, steep hills and a steady uphill for the last 20 miles. Forty-six miles after Greensburg, Rob crosses into Ohio.

Luis Ramos (day crew navigator) says that this last stretch into Bloomington had a lot of traffic, stop lights and stop signs. That can be VERY annoying for a RAAM racer at this stage in the race because it's hard enough to get comfortable on the bike and as soon as he does settle in, he has to change gears, click out of the pedals, stop, put his foot down, lose momentum and then start all over again.

On the other hand, it gives him something to focus on and bitch about, rather than all the other stuff that's annoying him at this point in the race (like the hills, the heat, the food, the crew, the bike, the road, the wind, the saddle sores, the stiff neck, the swollen feet, the inability to shave or bathe, the canker sores, the utter exhaustion, the road kill, the potholes, BP, the North Korean soccer team and Lindsay Lohan.)

So, there's that.

(Who wants to give this a try next year?)