Tuesday, June 15, 2010

High School Heartbreak

"What's the matter Cindy?"

"Oh, nothing Tracy. I thought that Danny was going to ask me to the prom today and he went and asked that hussie Mandy."

"What did you wear to school today?

"The usual: my Twilight sweatshirt with the picture of Robert Pattinson. Why?"

"BIG mistake! Robert Pattinson is so three weeks ago. You need to upgrade to Robert Morlock clothing!"

"You're right. If I wear a Team Morlock T-shirt, I bet I'll be prom-bound in no time!"

"That's the spirit, Cindy! Get online and get yourself some Team Morlock crap. You'll be the coolest kid AND all profits go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation to support cancer survivors."

"Thanks, Tracy! You're the ginchiest!"

1 comment:

Kate said...

Holy cow that is good stuff! I don't even know what "ginchiest" means! Thank God you are back from Boston.