Sunday, June 13, 2010

*REPORT FROM THE ROAD: 6-13-2010 3:48 PM EDT*

The mountain is high
The valley is low
And you're confused on which way to go
So I've come here to give you a hand
And lead you into the promised land

- Edgar Winter

Here's a little trivia that you may not have known about the last time station: Trinidad is the sex change capital of the world.

As such, I am happy to report that Rob is now leading the women's race. Once again some quick tactical thinking on the part of Rob's crew.

Actually, Rob is through TS 21, Kim, CO at 3:10 PM EDT, in fifth place. That's about three hours behind third place racer Mark Pattinson and about 90 minutes behind Matthew Warner-Smith in fourth place.

If you look at the elevation profile, these guys are just rolling down, down, down into the plains of Kansas. It must be a relief, both mentally and physically to know that the 20+ mile long climbs are behind them.

Of course, Kansas can bring wind, heat and dust, but let's hope the weather gods are kind to them.

As of this posting at 3:48 PM, Rob will be exactly four days into his race and will have ridden 1,224 miles, or 306 miles per day. Considering the climbing and the headwinds, this is really, really good news as he should be able to log in more miles over the next 36 hours as he heads downhill into Kansas.

They are headed into some lonely country now and cell phone service will be a bit spotty, so the My Athlete tracker may be in and out and it will be tough for me to reach the pace van. I hope to have at least one more update before 10:00 PM tonight.

A quick conversation with Luis Ramos in the pace van just past the Kim time station indicates all is well.

Also - Rob is the featured photo today on the RAAM home page.

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