Friday, June 18, 2010

*REPORT FROM THE ROAD: 6-18-2010 9:25 AM EDT*

Just spoke with crew chief Mike Perron. It's a bit of a broken record, but Rob is riding steady and feeling good.

He spoke with his wife, Kate, this morning. He called because today is their wedding anniversary. That alone says he's sharp, considering I can't remember when mine is and I had a full night's sleep last night.

Kate also says that "...Rob is very excited at the fact that he has only 500 miles or so left in the race.  We talked about the big climbs ahead and I suggested that he just “get mad at it” (to quote Bullhead).  One more good sign (I think!?) – he initiated the end of the call so that he could get riding again.  So he is back on the bike!"

The next 24 hours will be interesting.

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j-gast said...

Bill: Please update us. Appears Rob is taking a detour. Wishing him the best.