Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Race Day! The Route and Time Stations - How It All Works

Every inch of the 3005 mile RAAM course is laid out in a route book and each racer has to follow this route precisely. It is the job of the pace van navigator (who rides in the front passenger seat) to call out the directions to Rob over the PA system:

"Rob - in 1/4 mile you will make a left turn at the stop sign onto state road #160."

That sort of thing.

There are 55 "Time Stations" (TS) in this year's RAAM. Every racer must pass through each one and report their arrival time to the time station staff. If the time station is unmanned, then the crew must phone in their racer's arrival time to race HQ.

The shortest distance between two time stations is 11.7 miles (between TS 53 & 54, just before the finish in Maryland.)

The longest distance is 89.6 miles (between TS 2 & 3 in California.)

Most are in the 45-70 mile range. Every single one is a mini-victory for a RAAM racer.

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