Thursday, June 10, 2010

What They'll Be Wearing in Paris This Fall

"Hey Bob..."

"Yes, Doug?"

"Remember how I always bought clothes from the Tiger Woods line, so I could dress just like Tiger?"

"Why yes, Doug, now that you mention it, you do dress a lot like Tiger. So?"

"Well, it turns out that Tiger is a big wanker, so now I need a new line of clothes. Any idea on a sports legend who is also a natty dresser?"

"Sure, Doug. How about Rob Morlock? He's a super-fab ultra-distance bicycle racer and a Danbury, Conn., police officer - someone you can really look up to! You can pick up an item from the Team Morlock Shop. There are some nifty shirts, a hat - you can even replace that filthy coffee mug of yours. And you'll be dressed just like Rob Morlock and his crew!"

"Great idea, Bob! Say - do you think that Team Morlock gifts are a good idea for Father's Day?"

"You bet! And don't forget that special lady in your life. There's stuff for her too. And best of all, all profits will be donated to a great cause - the Lance Armstrong Foundation."

"Wow! I am sure glad we have these occasionally stilted and stiff conversations. You never know what you'll learn!

"Any time, tough guy!"

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